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Originally Posted by cacofonix View Post
Hi Everyone,

I got my production # from the dealer, but when I entered it into the BMW website, it gives me a different car (different color, different options etc.). I emailed my dealer, and he said the following:

"That was the original color the car should have been. We changed the car and all the options when we ordered it."

What does this mean? Will the information on the website be updated sometime?

I had a similar situation happen to me, so if the dealer says it's OK, it probably is. When I checked mine the dealer accidently ordered the carbon fiber roof when I wanted the moonroof. But because the car already went into production, it could not be changed. To correct the situation, my car had to be reordered so my loaded Mineral White M3 started off as a base black 328i coupe, and it showed this in the tracking info. Once it went into production though, the information changed to my M3. I was a little ticked that my order got screwed up to begin with and a little uneasy seeing that it looked like I was getting a black 328 for a while, but it all worked out in the end and I got my car less than a week later than the first order was due. I understand dealers will do this on occasion to speed up the process.