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Originally Posted by dapopa9 View Post
I have had work done on my E30, E46 and E36 M3's at Amato's, Philip Thearles, and Chapparone.

My recommendation is Phil Thearle's Autowerkes! Very nice people, tons of attention to detail, worked with me for some aftermarket parts I wanted, and listened to what I wanted to have done. And when it was finished it was some of the best quality work I've had done.

Chapperone's - very cool guys that work there but quality wasn't quite as good as Philip T's....don't think they quite have that level of experience.
Clint, I'm not sure how long it's been since you gave a shot to Chapparone but when I had my trunk done they definitely met my expectations -which were very high. I didn't want to cheap out on the M3 so I went with whoever had the best/most reviews on yelp

They had a palette of several swatches for Alpine White each of slightly different shades (straight out of factory, years parked outside... that kind of stuff). They got the shade perfect on my trunk and the job was better than OE.
Edit: Advice to anyone wanting a high quality job on a budget: take your bumper/trunk/part off and bring it. Save on labor to have them take it off and put it back on.
Phil Thearle... Personally I have had a bittersweet experience.

They handled the rear frame repair on my E46. Did a great job with it BUT when putting the car back together they forgot the gasket between the driveshaft CV and the diff.

No gasket = the grease escapes = dry bearings = cooked bearings, crazy vibrations etc.

Took me some time and money of my own figure out what was wrong with the car and fixing their mistake.

Mind you they work on BMWs a lot and have done 100s of those exact repairs. Sucked for me. Not gonna go there again.