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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
I would have to disagree here as I have heard audible knock on many occasions, even with stock software targets for ignition timing and stock knock sensitivity settings. Hearing knock doesn't mean that it's too late, unless we're talking about extremes. I see the knocking more in high load/lower RPM situations, more than full throttle, high RPM.

This car doesn't have conventional knock sensors to 'listen' for knock, rather, it measures plug electrode resistance to determine if there was an issue during the cumbustion process.

I don't think this is a knocking issue. Checking the adaptation values might provide further insight into what is happening, and of course, as you said, datalogging would be a big plus.

To clarify I agree; the point is that newer cars knock sensors are very sensitive and while I have heard a knock or two w/ the s65 you're less inclined to as the ECU will pull timing fast. OPs' description almost sounds like a fuel cut at high rpm, although I haven;t watched the vid so anyhting I say is speculation at this point. And yes, I have also heard knock sometimes on these cars when lugging the motor a little. A little more than acutally feels comfortable but it is what is. Only time wil tell also as these new "ionic current" sensors are tested.