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I do that every night. BTW, there is a town close to me called Claremont. Has a yogurt place that is opened 'til midnight. In this heat, I like to take the car out, and just go have a nice yogurt.
Aahhh.... I like doing that too. Except to Diary Queen, hehe. But yogurt is better for your health.

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So funny and so familiar! Once I placed my order I started driving to a different grocery store just to admire the M3s on the local dealer's lot
Haha! There are not a lot of M3's here.... but there are more in Toronto, which is about 1.5 hours from me. Sometimes when we go to Toronto, I make my husband make a detour to a BMW dealership there, just so I can check out their M3's. He always rolls his eyes and we laugh.

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Congrats Julie!
Same thing happened to me. Was staring at my baby for hours. It's totally different kinda feeling.
Thanks Joseph! X-6M.... wow, what a beast!
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