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lol wow, thanks for all the kind words everybody!

Originally Posted by acevo8 View Post
Wow, amazing car! Definitely envious of your dad on this.

Now the big question is, when do you get the keys?
Haha, not for a while. I mean I get to drive it around and stuff, but he says there's no greater joy than working hard and buying myself one in the future. Never too late to set a goal right?

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Is that his SLR next to it?
Ya, its old though, 2005. It's actually relatively tame compared to the 458 now...

Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Where are the American millionaires? Oh no, where are they.

OP and his family aren't even Chinese, Taiwanese is the correct word. If you're jealous then just stay away lol.

OP curious as to how much one of these costs over there? Also, congrats to your dad! Have you driven it yet?
My family actually loves to insist that they are not Chinese, so you are right. As for the cost, it was close to...if I convert it to USD, $600,000 due to the crazy import tax, luxury tax, engine displacement tax, emissions tax, and the Novitec kit. And I have not driven it yet, I hope I can soon....

Originally Posted by Mirko View Post
Beautiful car, thanks for sharing. Must be fun getting around considering it is sooo low to the ground. How are roads there? Same pot hole riddled mess like here?
Ya, most of the roads here are pretty shitty. Luckily the car raises and lowers at the touch of a button fairly quickly. Even when raised, on ramps, still gotta be extremely careful.

Originally Posted by Mueller944s2 View Post
May I ask what he does for a living?
He is retired lol