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Revinora Race Exhaust Review and Video

It's been a while since I've had this exhaust but instead of doing a review immediately I decided to get a lot of driving impressions before I post up a review.

The expression on my face when I first saw the exhaust after un-boxing it must have been that of awe lol. I loved the welds, and the mandrel bends. The way it was assembled it looked like a piece of industrial art. I was so sad to paint the tips and front of the mufflers back. I didn't want to hide any of the welds but the gloss black theme on my car called for it.
So naturally I unboxed it and proceeded to lift my car up so I can install and hear this thing scream. Removing the huge stock muffler was a nightmare. I'm sure on a lift it's easier but laying on the ground with 50 lbs on your chest is not fun. After the stock unit was out the rest was a breeze.

I lowered the car down and started it up. My shops garage door began to vibrate and I was ecstatic. I went for a drive and my initial impression was "Holy Crap" this thing sounds good. The only problem that I found was the drone at certain rpm ranges. On the highway it kind of annoyed me so I called up Revinora again. Luckily for me who is not too fond of overly loud exhausts they had a block off kit. Basically it is two block off pipes that fit into the inner mufflers to completely seal them off. There is no flow of exhaust in the inner mufflers so there is no restriction with putting these on. After the block offs the exhaust was completely drone free. It was an amazing transformation and dare I say perfect?

So instead of leaving the whole thing alone (many of us can't leave anything as is lol) I decided to buy an X-Pipe. Malek at MRF Engineering gave me the deal of a lifetime on a Fabspeed HFC's and X-Pipe with resonators. When I left his shop I immediately noticed a change in the tone. On the freeway onramp I gave it WOT. The sound was pure joy. My car sounded like a sport bike. This is the sound I was looking for. A higher pitched exotic sounding setup is what I was after and this seems to fit the bill.

In conclusion I am very happy with the service I got from both Revinora and MRF and the quality of all the parts and services are amazing.
Here is a link to a video