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Originally Posted by Notion-Za View Post
Sharing from experience,

I got a part time bar tending job while at college. It was for a mobile bar tending company and we did events such as DJ Tiesto, Soccer captains dinner during the world cup etc. I honestly had so much fun I should have paid them to do it. It beats the hell out of being a waiter/bus boy. The pay is just as good and tips!

You might not find something that comes in line with your hobbies but try something that will suit your lifestyle and you can relate to.

I still remember the days of getting to the head offices at 8:30 for training which consisted of making and tasting cocktails. Pretty fun when you walk out at 11:00 and you have to take a power nap because there is no chance you can drive
That would be a great job, but I'm only 18 and in a dry county. Thanks for all the suggestions though guys, I'll look into them! Keep them coming
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