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Originally Posted by Killerfish2012
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Hey guys i got a 08 m3 dct with 73k on it and i was thinking about trading it in on a 2012 boss 302 mustang..i figure my car has high miles and out of warrant...what do you guys think....
Mustangs might now be just as fast as an M3, or in the case of a Boss, even slightly faster, but consider the change from BMW to Ford. When evalutated their mustang GT after only a few thousand miles in california, they raised the car, and took pictures underneath the car. You could clearly notice the primitive suspension, as well, as rusting metals. Ford used low grade metals underneath that car. They also should have put some plastic under the car for aerodynamics, and to protect the metals from the elements/salt.

If you have a link to that article I'd like to read it.

Don't do it. The Ford may be faster but the BMW is...a BMW. When you get home from work you can turn around and either say, yup there's my Ford, build with cheap Ford parts because they can't afford their labor unions, or you can say, yea that's my BMW, and they spared no expense building it.