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Originally Posted by isugoo View Post
1. Sorry- I'm originally from virginia. I know how brutal rain and flood can be in east coast.
But here in socal, no one knows what brutal rain and flood means. However, Socal people know what the brutal wildfire means instead...

2. Your car wholesale should be somwhere in 30-35k, I think your ride should be a total lose. Even if they fix your M, your ride will show up as flood damage and will have hard time selling it later. I hope Geico total your M (for good).
It shouldn't be a stretch for them to total it. A new engine for the m3 costs 35k, not sure on the remanufactured one.

Living in Florida I can tell you that very few spots had flooding, mostly fallen branches. Hydro locking can happen to anyone, sometimes the puddles are deeper than they seem. Good luck with getting your car back up and running.