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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
this is common on almost all cars. It is exaggerated w/ silvers but most cars bumpers are not even painted in the same place as the cars and the bumpers are also made of a diff substrate.. They're is so many variables. Some shops want to blend fenders and 1/4 when painting bumpers for color match but it is not warranted as most never match from the factory anyway. The problem is that the people scrutinize the car much more when it is back from the body shop and that's when they notice the diff colors.

Fact; even GM released something stating this to customers when the new camaro came out. If you look at the hard angle of the 1/4 panel on a new camaro to the door line depending on the color you can see a variance and customers would notice.

Anyways, chips are gonna happen, live with them, or repaint the bumpers; choice is yours!
This is all true as far as it not matching from the factory; there's a certain degree of difference that we have to deal with. But in the 350Z case that I mentioned, the match was much worse and intolerable IMO.

OP, just make sure that they know ahead of time that you're going to be hard to please when it comes to the match.
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