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Originally Posted by spitfire9200
Originally Posted by marepa View Post
I don't know what you mean?

I know that ED is great way to get M3 .. at least used to be, .. the problem I was describing was that I was about to order M3, when I was told I can't do the ED anymore, so the price went up by $4000, which is money that I don't have now and have to postpone it .. and I'm afraid I might not get it in time before they stop production

getting a ED slot now would still mean that I will be picking up car around in December .. by what time I will no longer have problem with the additional 4k

I wasn't counting the trip, since it's not part of the money for the car (for me)
You can still do ED. It's just ED MSRP now, which is equivalent to US invoice.
If anybody in SoCal wants to do ED at near ED invoice price let me know. I have an order with production number for November delivery. There is plenty of time to change the build. My only condition is that you pay me for the work I put into getting this great deal, which is $500 over ED invoice. Compensation is negotiable but you know you save thousands and get to have a kickass vacation at the same time. I love the fact that doing it this way you pay roughly $65k for a car with a MSRP of $75,045. This is a serious opportunity. No BS. The only reason I am willing to do this is that Ii picked up a brand new GT-R.