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Yea just like how the new cars today have managed to triple horsepower and maintain the same mileage as cars from 30 years ago. All that HP gain at no expense to mileage killed the drive-ability of the vehicles today....

I used to be against these laws until I realized that all they seem to be doing is pushing manufacturers to 1. Offer smaller more fuel efficient vehicles in their line up, and 2. make their current vehicles more fuel efficient without affecting performance.

Case in point:

2011 328i sedan: 230hp 200ft-lb 18/28 mpg
2012 328i sedan: 240hp 255ft-lb 23/34 mpg

I have a hard time believing, without a mandate, BMW would have put any time or effort into developing a turbo 4 that could get more horsepower and torque while improving mileage by 6mpg on a bigger car.