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Originally Posted by mjposner View Post
"I am assuming that like any normal intelligent person driving a $70k car through water, that he was moving very slowly. Judging by the fact he was out there in the first place, that may not be a good assumption."

Yes I was driving slow and I was out there because like most people I go to work when it is open.

Geico sent adjuster out and he authorized further diagnosis. They are going to open her up (I assume that means plugs and drain) and I should no by tomorrow if it is salvageable or not. I know the service manager and he said Geico is good to deal with. Adjuster told me they only look at totaling when cost exceeds 80% of value.

If it does need a new engine, I am assuming the costs will be somewhere north of 20k plus any new electrics, and if it is a new engine, add about $7,500k. Anyone know what the wholesale black book value of a 2008 M3 E93 with nav, dct, premium and 37k miles?
1. Sorry- I'm originally from virginia. I know how brutal rain and flood can be in east coast.
But here in socal, no one knows what brutal rain and flood means. However, Socal people know what the brutal wildfire means instead...

2. Your car wholesale should be somwhere in 30-35k, I think your ride should be a total lose. Even if they fix your M, your ride will show up as flood damage and will have hard time selling it later. I hope Geico total your M (for good).

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