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Originally Posted by Trevor .:R View Post
I'm not buying boost for the bov sound... I want people to know I have something under but not like all crazy... Sorry if you guys misunderstood the question roman from Ess told me many people have done what I'm explaining on their Ess kits. I understand the difference between turbo and supercharger... I was just curious because I heard Gintani runs a wasted gate that sounds amazing. And I was wondering if Ess offere the same type of setup or something and yes they do is what I had heard from Roman at Ess. Thanks for the help guys...
It's pretty obvious (at least to me) that somethings under the hood already. Hearing Powerbeasts Dakar Yellow M3 at idle from across the garage was enough to know there was something special under there.

To me, I think it's best to stick with the whatever setup ESS has tried and tested. Not good to deviate from tested setups unless there is something that requires it. I assume you meant wastegate not wasted gate? Since it's a supercharged car, the blower is driven by the engine and not by a turbine, negating the use for a wastegate. A wastegate is used on turbo cars to regulate turbine speed, and thus to limit the amount of boost that the turbo is producing. A supercharger will make X boost at Y RPM since it's driven directly off the crankshaft and has no direct coorelation between exhaust flow and boost pressure.

You probably meant to refer to a blow-off or by-pass valve. I am not too familiar with ESS's hardware setup, only the software programming required to run a supercharger. The sound that you're probably chasing is the sound of a blow off valve, which is commonly used on turbo applications. The ESS S/C uses a by-pass valve, which recirculates the air back into the intake system instead of to atmosphere. Although you can definitely hear a bypass valve actuate (more pronounced at higher boost levels), it doesn't have that extremely loud "PSSSH" sound that a blow off valve does because it doesn't vent that air to atmosphere. Changing a car setup for a by-pass valve to a blow off valve is certainly not recommended as you can cause a number of issues related to air metering or expected absolute pressure.

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