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"I am assuming that like any normal intelligent person driving a $70k car through water, that he was moving very slowly. Judging by the fact he was out there in the first place, that may not be a good assumption."

Yes I was driving slow and I was out there because like most people I go to work when it is open.

Geico sent adjuster out and he authorized further diagnosis. They are going to open her up (I assume that means plugs and drain) and I should no by tomorrow if it is salvageable or not. I know the service manager and he said Geico is good to deal with. Adjuster told me they only look at totaling when cost exceeds 80% of value.

If it does need a new engine, I am assuming the costs will be somewhere north of 20k plus any new electrics, and if it is a new engine, add about $7,500k. Anyone know what the wholesale black book value of a 2008 M3 E93 with nav, dct, premium and 37k miles?
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