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Originally Posted by Autobahn335i View Post
I made the math ealier in this thread: my car has roughly $35k in mods/upgrades.

For a S/C + suspension + BBK + wheels an M3 owner needs to shell out $26k. That's a minimum. Yes, such an M3 will be superior, but it's not cheap by any means.

It's not 26k for a supercharger, brake kit and aftermarket coilovers. The wheels are forged... You don't have to replace them. You also do not need to replace the brakes. Pads, lines and fluid are more than enough for 99% of the people on this forum.

VF620 14k... installed

ST-40: 3,500... You don't need anything more than that. You don't race in Grand-am.

KW V3: 2,500

Total: $20,000

Where are you getting the extra $6,000 at? Driving lessons to use all the bullshit I listed to their maximum capability? Most of the people here can't even push their stock M3 to it's limit on the track.