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Originally Posted by Autobahn335i View Post
Sorry to burst your bubble, but a fully modded 335i is in fact superior to a STOCK M3 (by a margin...)

Did you bother to read my post? You'd have to replace nearly everything on your 335i to compete with a stock M3. Congrats on wasting your money and thanks for proving my point.

Not sure who told you M3 brakes need to be replaced in order to race. Pads sure if your doing 6+ 20 minute sessions on a track day, but the disc too? No, it's fairly large and dissipates heat rather decently. The suspension is damn good too. I have 70k miles on my stock brakes and 4 long and hard track days on them. So let me tell you, from someone who owns an M3 and races it. No, the brakes and suspension are not bad and in fact very good.

If you want to play the "I'VE GOT MODS!" game. I can put a supercharger on my M3 for less than you can make your 335i compete with a stock M3. Sorry but the tiny snails and craptastic fuel pump that come on the N54 are not going to push 500+ hp to the wheels. You better sit down for this one.... A fully modded M3 is better than a fully modded 335i. Holy shit your mind is now blown. Sorry to burst your bubble. I can put a supercharger on my M3 and not have to worry or replace half the crap you would to get 500+ rwhp. I also would never trust an N54 with that much power.

With the logic you're using the 6g72 in my 3000gt is better than the S65... because you know, it's modded and stuff. You see comparing a modded car to a stock car sounds really intelligent and makes me feel like I didn't buy a lesser car. Or something like that. Right?

In the end it's nice to have a car I can drive to the track and not have to replace anything on. Maybe one day you'll have a car like that too.
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