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Does anyone have any real comparisons to a bolt-on (full exhaust, pulley, fiter) and tuned M3 to a VT535 with full exhaust? Either dyno charts or videos?

I was thinking of getting the VT535 as its the best bang for the buck. I love the fact that the VT575 has an intercooler as i feel it would greatly help just to make things run smoother, longer.

Back to the comparison. I see on youtube ESS has some clips of the VT535 running against a stock M3. It pulls hard, but what about against an M3 which has a full exhaust, filter, pulley and tune??

I see another guy on youtube who has some pulls with a program that shows his speedo on the screen. I compared them to my car which is not even supercharged and it seems his is slower. That boggles me. I know it depends on location, octane, temperature etc. I really wanna know what kind of power increase i would see from going from my current set-up (full exhaust, filter, pulley, tune) to a VT535.

Also, this i guess is directed more towards ESS themselves, but is it possible to get the VT535 and just add the intercooler? As i stated before, i feel it will help in the long run to keep things running smoother and longer with no problems.
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