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Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
S65 isn't bad, I believe the N54 has won more awards, and recognition for engineering. S65 didn't really distinguish itself among 8cyls, like the N54 did in the 6cyl category. But what do a bunch of professional engineers know anyways?

Yeah the N54 is known for going into limp mode on a race track and the poweband isn't nearly as good as the S65 for track racing. If you couldn't afford an M3 that's cool but pretending the N54 is better is silly.

Also the 335 comes with an open diff, crap suspension, shit brakes and non performance wheels/tire... Yes you could replace those items, but why? In hopes to compete on some level with an M3? Should have got an M3.

As for the S65 not being a distinguished engine?

I like to race, i'll take a flat torque curve and 8,300rpm... Ever driven an M3, Porsche GT3, C6 z06? High output NA engines are fantastic. If I wanted to race a turbocharged car i'd get an Evo, not a 335i.
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