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Then yes I would shop around for a better deal. If you don't owe anything and they are still selling you the car for 2300 over invoice you are not getting a good deal. I would shop around.
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Since you are outside ca we wouldn't be able to help you on your trade but we can def sell you a car for a "lot" cheaper then 2300 over. Maybe you can get some more $$ by selling it yourself while you wait for the 13 to come in?
I sent an email to the address you sent before for a quote... just waiting to hear back .

There are quite a few dealers in NJ so I may go get a price at another one tomorrow.. I would definitely love to have the quote from you guys as well...

The dealer I was at today was where I had gotten my 750Li which had tons of problems a few years back and I was never crazy about them as a dealership

so I feel as if I will get better deal elsewhere. The other dealership my sister just picked up a 328i coupe at so I will try there too