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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
Actually not entirely true. I ran through 4-5 inches of water in my old S2000 and it stopped abruptly and wouldn't turn over. Thought I hydrolocked engine. Had my Mercedes Master Tech look at it and in 30 minutes he got it up and running. My intake was saturated with water and he said I got water droplets in the engine but it was fine. He took it apart and in about an hour to two I was back on the road.

At that point I told myself I would never own just one car ever again. So X5 for snow, ice, rain.
M3 for sunny days and weekends. Much easier and no worries.

Hell buy a fricken beater for rainy days. In Seaside Oregon right before HWY 26 if it storms its like 3 feet of water and there is no way a slammed M3 or stock for that matter is getting through. My X5 was pushing it. I saw some folks trying to get through and I thought to myself there is no way in Hell they are going to make it and they got stuck. I would honestly park and wait. Know the road and weather conditions.
You speak the truth - although we have flat terrain here in SoFla its best to have a vehicle with some ground clearance when inclement weather is due. Even if you have to rent one for a couple of days until the weather subsides..

I feel you OP. I hope there is a satisfactory resolution for you - where you are not out of pocket too much - if at all
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