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Originally Posted by DaFish View Post
This I found interesting....

M3 SC against a bunch of GTRs, and 997TTs all modded.

Suffice to say, the M3 SC is just as fast... with all the creature comforts and room we have come to love from a 3 series.

Resale, or scrap value (in the case of an accident) would be the issue on modding ANY car. I am getting next to nothing for the mods I have done to the 335, in fact it is harder to sell because everyone things you drove the nuts off it, and you typically do - which is why you did it.

Anyway, lots to think about when you are putting this kind of cash out.

I think back to why I did the 335 upgrades and it was for M3 or better performance, for less than the M3 price. It certainly did that in a straight line.

If I am modding a M3 to a GTR or 997TT performance level - what do you lose?

1) Resale - as I mentioned.
2) what about insurance? You have to tell your insurance company of the mods - right? What hit do you have on that?
3) Any other ones?

GTR - 0 to 60 is just unmatched though with the 4 wheel drive. Pulling out of corners with WOT, I bet this is unmatched too. Pulling out in front of traffic would be something else in the GTR, blink, your speeding.

I would think it would come down to
1) M3 - SC
2) GTR - slight mods (I need to check out the space inside that car).

Loving the discussion everyone - thanks for the replies.
Interesting how your decision is being weighed heavily by straight line roll-on drag racing. Great for determining which cars have high trap speeds, but nothing else. This is more of how I would evaluate my choices, with my nod going more to the Z06 these days:

Skip all the nonsense and start at 3:43

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