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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
I must be the only forum member to go from a 2009 and 2011 e92 M3 to a 335i Coupe lol. Had to make room in the garage and the only reason I switched was for the gas mileage and daily driving. 335i is just my commuter car and I always tell people, "oh its just the beater" (sarcastically of course).

Wasnt without the M3 long that I needed another car so I also picked up a 2010 GT3 and 2010 GT-R in the process to replace the m3.

I think the 335 is a nice sleeper. The M3 is obviously BMW's pride and joy of the M division. If you can afford the step up go for one. However after owning 2 M3's, and it came time to get rid of one, I wasnt sure about a 3rd one.
Interesting observation. The internet is a really bad way to come to statistically based conclusions, but form reading both forums, it would seem that 335I owners are much happier with their purchase in the long term. We have so many folks with high mileage, like myself. The M3 seems to have a high turn around, as most people seem to jump out of it, into a GTR, or Z06, after owning it for a really short time.
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