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Wish I'd seen these videos before my event... if you don't mind I'd like to ask you a few questions about several corners. I mean your approach obviously works considering the lap times, I am just wondering about a few things trying to understand what's going on.

The line the instructor recommended at Oak tree was to compromise 11, but I never felt too comfortable with that, I should have experimented more. Thanks for your thoughts...

Did you try various approaches to 14-14a-15? I saw the standard approach of late apexing for 14 and 14a, then the line my instructor recommended of essentially driving over 14, taking 14 with the right wheels on the inside curbs all the way and now there's your line which seems a bit different.

With stock suspension, when I entered the esses at over 120mph the car could just not settle between turns, so I had to bleed speed to get back in the groove. 115 was the highest I could enter while still managing the transitions with a small margin. I wonder if going over the grey curbs allows you greater speed, or if the springs make that much difference. But that's a dangerous place to experiment perhaps, so I am not sure I'll follow in your footsteps.

Interesting observations about 4-5-5a , I think I'll try your approach to next time and see how it feels.

Thanks for posting your videos and thoughts, it's been very educational.

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