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Originally Posted by TTBear View Post


After what seems like an eternity, I'm sure, for you.... your dream, is finally realized.

I am so, SO excited for you! You must be wanting to bail out of work for the next..... oh.... three MONTHS or so, just so you can DRIVE!!!!!

Now you REALLY have me missing my M3!!!

Fantastic car, fantastic colour!

You and Jake should get together for a photo shoot, for two pretty rare M3s. I must admit I haven't been around m3post as much as I'd like, but I still don't think there are many Azurite ones around!

"Health to drive", Julie... I can't think of a nicer thing to come, to a nicer person. Well deserved!!
Allan, THANK-YOU so much!!! Thank-you, thank-you for everything. You were the one who reassure med about Azurite... There was always a little doubt in my mind... up until the moment I saw the color. Then it was like, OMG, I want all my cars to have this color! LOL.

It's SO hard to photograph properly, the "glow" of the blue sparkles as you described it. However, what I find super cool is how it can look like a straight, wet, metallic black at other times. I don't know how they get that to happen, lol. I am very, very pleased with the color, I am 120% satisfied.

Yup, I'm sure Jake and I will meet up again and do a photo shoot. Maybe this fall.

I have not heard of any new Canadian Azurite's since you sold yours, no...

Besides yours, mine and this other member (with only 4 posts) who once posted a pic of his E93 M3, the only other m3post member I'm aware of with an Azurite in North America is AzuriteE90M

Originally Posted by inter1032 View Post
hopefully ill be joining u soon, damn euro delivery prices going up
I hope you get your car soon! Sorry about the ED thing... but you won't think about the price after you've experienced the quality.

Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
Well, we officially own an E92 M3 to go along with the E30 and E36 (feel very blessed). All the paperwork has been signed. Nothing left but to get on the plane this weekend and pick her up in the motherland so I can officially join the class of '13.
Congrats BeastCharmer!! That is one significant psychological step! And you'll be getting on a plane this weekend?? - you will be in 7th heaven.

It will be so magical being at the Welt to pick. up. your. car.

Originally Posted by mofbb View Post
Finally it's there ! Congrats !!!
Hello fellow Canadian! I see you've ordered your M3 now too!

Originally Posted by cmpe View Post
Thing of beauty! Congrats!
Thank-you cmpe!

Originally Posted by socc11girl View Post
Congrats Julie, love the color!!
Another female ///M driver -

I hope you have a blast on your ED! Hope to see pics of your car soon!
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