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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Pads/fluid and a little air are probably all the car needs until you're serious about doing repeatable lap times and at that point it's smarter to get something that doesn't have a trunk or a roof or windows any of that other useless crap on it.
After 2 hot days at VIR, I tend to agree.

I made my "firehose" (meaning non-directed) cooling ducts awhile ago and found them satisfactory for Shenandoah, and maybe ok at Summit Main.

At VIR, using 265/285 RS-3's and RS-19 pads with (maybe not so fresh) Super Blue, I had to start managing the brakes as soon as I picked up some speed. If I was full on the gas and started my braking around the 1-1.5 marker on the back straight (and similarly on the front straight), it would work for only 2 laps, after which I started losing brake capacity. Heck for one glorious lap I even braked after the 1 marker - but it just wasn't consistent.

At the same time, at least to my non-trained foot it didn't seem that the mismatch was huge - so maybe a small improvement can tilt it the other way.
Of course there are other potential factors at play - driver, braking style, fluid etc.

OEM backing plate scoops look like they might help too - but I wonder if their diameter is too small for the M3...

There's one more idea - to emulate the GT3's directional scoops which are attached to the lower control arm - I saw a few Boxsters at VIR which had these plastic scoops. I'm thinking I might try my hand at a bit of aluminum or plastic manufacturing...

I mean, I'm not sure I want to invest 10% of the car's value into a BBK, or trade the M for a Porsche which would put me in the hole far worse. As long as these small projects remain small and not too challenging, I'll keep doing them.

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