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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
You shouldn't have been driving out there so I don't feel bad for you.

That said, I doubt that you hydrolocked it. If the water wasn't high enough to get into the interior, it likely wasn't high enough to be sucked into the filter. This car as three air inlets. If one is submerged, it will pull air from the hood or grill openings. The water would have to be up to the hood, to the point where it could physically flow through the filter, to hydrolock it.

You most likely fried a module or something.

from an insurance standpoint, water into interior= total loss due to all the computers and fear of the car always coming back so the insurance company will usually wash it up front.

I disagree w/ the quote though, as all it takes is driving to get some water in the lower duct of the front bumper left side and the water WILL get up there. I have seen it before. While the car is moving so is the water.. You may be lucky though; even w/ a wet filter, the shop SHOULD pull the plugs, put a new air filter on and crank the motor w/ out plugs to push the water from the cylinders. IF ANYONE TRIES STARTING IT OTHERWISE it'll lock up right away. I have done this on a z4 and it worked after being under water. Either way it sucks and it was pretty bad in South FL.