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Originally Posted by Josh49 View Post
It sounds like I will need a psu. Anything I should know? Are they all roughly the same? The guy just said -

"It is highly recommended to purchase power supply from HP, since the dimensions should fit the chassis."

Seems they'd all be somewhat universal, no?

And how hard is replacing a power supply? I've done ram, chips, drives, etc, never a psu..
replacing a PSU is a piece of cake!

unless you have an HP, in which case your screwed, because like manufacturers like them they like to shove an elephant into a breadbox

unless its a proprietary PSU it should be the same size as all the others (atx spec, it meens there all the same size and have fans only in XX locations ECT)

would be best to take the side off and measure it though

as for actually chaning it, it can be tough and might require you to actually remove your motherboard or CPU heatsink,

even in a full tower case a lot of the times you have to