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I'm on Meth...

I've done quite a bit to the car this summer......blower upgrade, Morr wheels, Meth and gauges

It didn't take long before I got addicted I upgraded from the vt1-535 to the vt2-625 a few months back and now added the Aquamist HFS-3 system. Hats off to Auto Couture Motoring and the guys for installing my meth and stack gauges. Jeff at Howerton Engineering, M33, Erm324 and Boosted-M all gave me great advice as this is my first time utilizing Meth. My goal was to add the system as an additional cooling measure and hopefully gain 20-30whp. Its only been a day but the drive home from ACM in 90degree heat made me realize how effective meth is if setup properly. I'm running a 1mm nozzle (approx cm6) with 70/30 meth/water ratio. She's pulls significantly harder consistently! Last night I was seeing hard wheelspin between 1st and 2nd in a straightline in MDM mode and spinning into 3rd. This is with traction on and Toyo R888's!! Dyno time next week and some other data logging with a few other forum members later this month
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