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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Congratulations that's awesome! I'm sure you are going to love it.

I just don't want you to expect your car is going to be as fast as M&M's. His car is a huge outlier. He has done a lot of custom work to get to that level. He may be at 650 HP. You will be at or under 550. Don't think you can trap anywhere near where he traps. If I were you, I would expect 116-117. That is very good.

Again, with a 535 kit, + DCT + catless exhaust + meth, LostMarine is at 118 to 119 mph in the heat of the summer at ATCO and should be 120 when it cools down. LostMarine is a pretty good driver and ATCO is a great track.
Like I said , we'll see but a 5-6mph trap speed increase would be pretty dissapointing for a 120hp increase in power. I know it's not apple to apple but with just a stg2 on my STI(50hp) I had a 9mph(from 101 to 110mph) increase in trap speed and pretty much the same with all my turbo cars that I have chipped! My guess is that there are a lot of folks that don't drive their cars to their full potential at the 1/4 mile(DCT excluded)! It's like when peolple say my car would get destroyed by a stock DCT and they also say a stock DCT would get destroyed by a stock C63, I've raced my friends C63 a couple of times and he always has a hard time passing me.

It's also weird that the best time I've seen a manual VT1 do was 12.9 and my stock manual M3 did 12.8! Anyway, for now I'll stick to my own calculation to make me an idea of what it will be because from my experience internet is not the most reliable source, but be sure I'll post some results as soon as I have some!