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Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post
I agree that it will take a long time for the F80 to become as established as the E9x M3s are.

Pretty much 100% dead on with my thought process. It will definitely be far out for aftermarket products. I also own this car outright, so upgrading to the F80 is 30k right there. Plus 10k in the basic full exhaust wheels and drop mods = 40k min.
Judging from the new 3 series wheel specs and older ones technically you would be able to reuse the rims but for sure the exhaust and suspension mods would have to be purchased new.

The VF620 kit can be had for about 13k so anyone thinking of upgrading from an E9x to F80 would save alot of money by just supercharging if power/performance was their main concern.