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Originally Posted by Philip@McKennaPerformance View Post
Larger turbo upgrades won't be available for a while. Heck even tunes may not be available for a while due to the time needed to research, develop, crack BMW's systems.

I think it's a pretty fair comparison since the E9x owners already own the car and for them to get the F80 they will have to drop 10-30k on top of their car to get the F80. So for that amount of money they can instead go with a VF620 kit and save 20k while still beating a stock F80 M3 easy and even a modded one. Most likely 550hp on the F80 would only be seen with down pipes, mid pipes, intercooler, air intake, methanol injection. Sure 600+ can be achieved with turbo upgrades but that will be pretty far away.
I agree that it will take a long time for the F80 to become as established as the E9x M3s are.

Pretty much 100% dead on with my thought process. It will definitely be far out for aftermarket products. I also own this car outright, so upgrading to the F80 is 30k right there. Plus 10k in the basic full exhaust wheels and drop mods = 40k min.