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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
No, you will not get 125 traps with just a VT1. LostMarine is trapping at 118/119 and he's on meth. My guess is that at VT1 on an otherwise stock M3 will trap 116 to 117mph...a 5-6mph pickup from stock. If you run meth and get the benefits of IAT reduction like LM is doing which will get you perhaps 120. For 125, you would need to upgrade to a VT2 kit OR do substantial upgrades including exhaust, smaller pulley, meth etc.

Don't think you are going to be anywhere near as fast as M&M.

It's just like the 335 guys thinking their cars can trap at 127mph with just a tune, intake, dps, and meth. Hotrod182 did it but his car was an anomoly.
I'm not aiming for 125 but if i had DCT and catless X-pipe that would be my goal, I'm pretty sure I've seen someone in the mid 11s and 125mph trap with those mods. As for me, I'll know soon enough what I'll trap since I'm doing the VT1 install as I'm speeking to you!