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Originally Posted by grieverr View Post

-Whatever happened in being proud of where you worked, who you worked for, and what you did!
Whatever happened with having a place of employment worth being proud of? Again, layoffs, no raises or bonuses, pay cuts, purposely doing the wrong things just to get you by until the next billing cycle.
This is why I left my last company. I was there for 3 1/2 years, absorbed two senior positions yet never was promoted to either. The last 2 years there, my "raise" was $400 total for both years.... Not going to make someone happy giving them $200 raise a year, especially when my cost of gas to get there everyday for a month is around $600. I ended up leaving for a 23% pay raise that had a much higher bonus percentage.

Now at this new company, my only concern is layoffs since they absorbed another company and are laying off 10% of the staff and possibily moving people to the other home office in Houston. Bad part, the company they absorbed has the same exact accounting group so its pretty much they are deciding which one to keep out of the two.