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Originally Posted by Gladius View Post
Despite what Comet says, most companies don't GAS about you in the long term, if they get into a tough position, they won't hesitate to let you go with no more than a "sorry, see ya,"
Agreed 100%

Sounds like Comet owns his business, and yes, you'll see more care out of a business owner than a big company.

With that said, I do want to counter Comet's arguments just as a reason as to why you have to look out for yourself, in my experience and current situation (not because I disagree with Comet's point of view):

-Loyalty is dead in today's age and that is really sad.
Loyalty is dead from the company's perspective as well. What happened to promoting your best guys and rewarding them? Why are we laying off employees of 20 and 30 years and replacing them with a contractor who will only be there a year? Why is it ok to have people do the job of multiple but not get the pay? I'll tell you why...

-Everyone is a money chaser
Starting with the employer who always has to look out for the bottom line. Even at the expense of needed staff, and providing the necessary tools to do the job.

-Whatever happened in being proud of where you worked, who you worked for, and what you did!
Whatever happened with having a place of employment worth being proud of? Again, layoffs, no raises or bonuses, pay cuts, purposely doing the wrong things just to get you by until the next billing cycle.

Again, I'm not criticizing your comments, Comet, because I can certainly see the validity of your concerns as an employer. But in my experience, working with big companies, you are nothing.

That being said, op, if you're fairly happy where you work (which you seem to be), I do agree that you should stay and talk with your management and try to find ways to get you moving up the ladder. 8 months is not a lot of time (despite your part-time tenure), and you may be expecting too much. Remember, we all think we're worth more.

And yes, these industries are smaller than you think, and you WILL be talked about among other employers, so you want to have a good reputation.