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Originally Posted by URG8RB8 View Post
I bought a Corsa based almost solely on this review. It seemed like everything that I wanted. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed with the sound. As everyone says, there is zero drone. However, it was a little too bassy around 2k. It's not an intrusive sound, just more that I was used to with my OEM mod or stock exhausts. It also doesn't have as much "high-pitch" sound as before. These were my initial impressions.

Each time I drove the car, I liked this exhaust more. Once I got used to hearing the Corsa, I realized how nice and refined it sounds. As one forum member stated, it's a "gentleman's exhaust." It also helped to hear the car from behind. Wow! It sounds really mean under throttle. It's not what you expect, since the cabin is so relatively quiet.

My friend had a Challenge Street x-pipe paired with a BMW Performance exhaust, which is a terrible combination. The tone of this exhaust is very unique and wonderfully hollow-sounding. Paired with the x-pipe, it made some really odd sounds at two different RPM through the band. He decided to let go of the x-pipe, so last night I paired it with my Corsa. Unbelievable.

The Corsa completely woke up, changed tone, and projected an amazing guttural sound, all while staying completely drone free. It is only the slightest louder, now, at that 2k point where it had always been bassy. After that, and under normal driving, it sounded just as before - quiet from the inside and out. Under throttle, I can't keep from grinning. The tone is now extremely unique. It has almost a refined, but hollow and metallic, sound. It's hard to articulate the difference in tone, but it sounds unlike any V8 I've heard.

Sound is so subjective, so I am processing this differently than others may. My opinion is this, though. Corsa by itself is great. Corsa with Challenge Street x-pipe is awe-insiring. It may not be the prettiest, but it is definitely an exhaust worth considering.
Originally Posted by L4ces View Post
Well, I don't hear anything. How about a sound sample. Is it very raspy? Is the high pitch Back to where you'd like with the xpipe?

The high-pitch is exactly where I want it, after the X-pipe installation.

I don't have the best videos right now, since I finished up the installation late the other day. I'll get some better ones soon. The biggest difference is not the revving but in the sound when the car is pulling. And, as always, the videos do not do exhaust videos justice.

Before X-pipe

After X-pipe

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