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Originally Posted by fercho View Post
by eating right and lots of exercise he will grow right. i am 5'6 my father is 5'6 my mom is 5'5 my olders sister is 5'0 and my youngest brother is 6'3 he is very active and always eating , so I think genetics don't always apply.
So your brother is 9 inches taller than his father? If your grandparents are short too, he is the son of the mailman or he has overactive putuitary glands, feeding his body above the normal amount of growth hormone.

And to all the people spouting misinformation about HGH, if done properly and under physician supervision there are little to no risks. And HGH has little to no liver toxicity. So again, misinformation. Body builders who overdose HGH at 10+iu's a day get organ growth. But for a childs for overall growth a doc will probably prescribe .5 ius every other day if that and allow the child to surpass his genetic path.