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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Just keep the your 335xi for the weekends and mod it to your liking and that will save you a TON of money. Then go spend that saved money on lavish vacations and girls. You will thank me later in life.

Originally Posted by klammer View Post
I like your way of thinking, guys But I really want a M3 or a 1M

Originally Posted by Denk View Post

Wow, $90K for a 2008! I vote for the V8. You only live once, make your dream come true, the M3 is a proper enthusiast car.
Yup, the prices are ridiculous..

Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
If you want a coupe, the 1M is a much rarer car if that matters to you. If you need/want a sedan, M3 without a doubt.

Personally a 1M with an S65 swap would be an amazing car. I saw a VO 1M driving down the road last week and it looked good, I was surprised how good it looked actually because I don't really like the regular 1 series.
A 1M with an S65 would be awesome. The reliability of the 1M is the biggest question that I have at the moment.. I would like to here some opinions from the 1M owners...

Thanks guys for your replies