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Help me choose my next BMW (DD)

So I will make this as short as possible. I currently drive a 2011 135i. The car is in the final stage of lemon law. I'm just waiting on BMW to give my lawyer the word for a surrender date.

The money I get back from the lemon, I plan on using it as a down payment to purchase my first property (condo). I plan on using the money I would pay for my monthly payments to save to grow on top of the money I get back from the lemon.

Obviously I need a car for my daily commute and have found 2 cars that caught my interest. Keep in mind I will be keeping my budget to a minimum for the purchase. I still own a 2008 328i coupe that my wife drives but we both work so still need a second car.

Here are the 2 cars I am stuck between:

1988 BMW 325i sedan
176k miles
practically in mint condition
everything works on the car

Car 2

1995 BMW 540i
145k miles
have not contacted the seller yet so idk the overall condition

Just need some advice on which would possibly be a better choice.

I plan on keeping the car between 6 months to 2 years. maybe even keep it if I go with the 325.