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I'm ordering a zen buddhist book today from Amazon called Hardcore Zen. I just finished a book by the same author (Brad Warner) called Sit Down and Shut Up, amusing read that brings a pop-culture bend to eastern zen philosophy, written by a former bass player for a punk band in the early '80s. An ordained zen priest, he ties teachings from the Shobogenzo (an ancient zen monk's life handbook) to modern, pop-culture life. He describes buddhism as the logical next step after his punk-rock upbringing, where punk rock falls short of a solution to his frustration with The Establishment.

For a good intro to 'Tibetan' buddhism, I suggest Awakening the Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das. Written in the mid-90's, the author his since become somewhat of a new-age pop-guru. However, it is clearly an outstanding introduction to the subject, laying the framework for future reading. Read the reviews (95 of them!) to find out how this book has changed some peoples' lives.

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