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I created a thread to thank everyone here who posted about new parts, DIY, very constructive posts, which I read for 5 years, I wanted to thank the mods, the people who posted such info,(subzero, pencilgeek, south) many are no longer here but they who helped me pick which upgrades for my M3, how to set up my equalizer for optimal sound, etc. I know some about M3's, I've driven them for over a decade as a DD, got my first M3 e46 at 20, in 2001, awesome car, I have a couple of trips to M school, track days, all really cool, I loved my M3, we all agree it's a fantastic car, we all bought it, but let's not confuse things, the one that wouldn't hold the candle, is the M3. I wanted to share with my fellow M3 owners the car I just bought, and I'm so happy about it.
I didn't, since my first post tried to start a flame war, I respect your opinion about the M3 vs 991, but I dont care about which is what, sound, handling, we all cherish what we drive, we love cars, GTR's, Z06, M3, M6, P-cars, all of them, that's what it is all about, the love, passion for cars, and to recognize each car has it's own merits as it has it flaws, we buy what we want to drive, and work hard for what we want to drive later down the road,
thanks for all the support guys, love this forum, thanks again

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