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They really are, I was really surprised how different it felt from my M3, both great cars, but different, I love how it looks, I really did some research on my options, and PDCC is amazing tech, as is adaptive cruise control, I just dont think I'll really feel the difference for 6k, I considered SPASM, but I think the sport suspension that's just more stiff should be enough, but, wow, everything is an option, I did ordered some more, which are more cosmetic, P crest on headrest, some cosmetic stuff, I would like to know more on how you feel about the 997-991 difference, coming from an owner, as this whole P-car 6SOL is all new to me, I actually didn't havethe time to research as I did with my M3 reading this forum months before release, there was one last spot for November-December delivery and I just sold my car and went with my dream, after test driving it for about two hours I was sold, for the options I did had time to do some research, so I'm pleased with how it went, did you see the configutaror already has the 30 plus hp option? Man P prices are insane, I'm so happy I could get my dream car, and the options I wanted, could've added a few more, but I won't spend that much, so many options, wow, stiches, leather, man, so much
I have owned many bmws over the years. 4 of them m3's. 1 e36 1 e46 and 2 e92's. Growing up I was always fond of these cars and always felt that bmw cars in general felt better than anything else. Quite honestly, I never imagined owning anything else. I was never really a fan of Porsche, never liked the styling and the sound of the flat six was a big turn off for me. There were several factors that ultimately led me to buy a Porsche 911. The biggest reason was its relative light weight, small dimensions and sporty character. I absolutely can not stand driving a big heavy car everyday and the more I drove the latest generation m3, the more I realized how much of a pig it's turned into since the e36 days. Don't get me wrong, I still love my fat m3 but I missed having a light sporty car like my old e36. There's just Something about my 997 that sort of makes me feel like I'm driving my old beloved e36 and I don't get this feeling in the new 991. It's a terrific machine, sounds amazing and with pse sounds better than my e92 with m performance exhaust but I'm not willing to shell out close to 120k car I'm not absolutely in love with.

Ps. I hate the cheap material they use in the dash and doors of the 991. I would not be able to get the car without full leather, it just looks too cheap and would piss me the f*** off down the road.