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Originally Posted by alofoque View Post
I'm considering pulling the trigger on a set of wheels and one of the sets on the top of my list are 18" TE37/SL (do not like the 19"). From what I have noticed is that most people on here that have TE37 in 18" track the car or is going for the racecar look, which does look awesome. They are the perfect addition to an already lethal track weapon the M3 is. They are light, strong, and look great.
I have an E90 M on style 220 19'' and i'm 90% sure that It will never see the track, I like to use my M as a daily(even though I have a subie forester for daily duty) and I know how much abuse a car goes through at the track.
My question is will I really see the benefit of running 18" TE37 other then the aesthetics(a set of volks on wide tires looks amazing) gained from it and the prestige of the brand? I live in NY so running anything larger then 19" isn't an option due to the horrible roads I travel on.

A set of NEW volk TE37 would run me close to $5,000 all said and done.

Love my mag blue te37sl's, but as you mentioned they are my track setup. If you like the design and look of them you can't go wrong wit the quality and craftsmanship behind the brand, Also if you're not opposed to buying used, you can find the on the forum for around $3,200 with tires. Good luck with your decision.