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This thread is going downhill fast.

Firstly, we all managed to take our homes in the condition we brought them. Except for the E46 M3, but that was a function of his car's beginning condition.

Secondly, none of us would speak to each other face to face in the same way you guys are arguing in the thread. If so, I applaud you for being so frank. But if someone thought James was being too aggressive, one of you guys could've pulled him aside.

I will say that running CCW, that you can carry a lot more speed into Diamond's Edge and in Gut Check by driving straighter through the kinks which can be disconcerting if you're trying to weave. I'd venture to say that was a bit of that which drove the comments you received. Probably not the line for novice group, but should've been ok for advanced and intermediate. If not, let me apologize right now to Phil, because that was the line I took through Diamond's Edge trying to catch up to him.

I have driven with Flav (MRoar) and James (BigJae76) and you guys are both solid drivers and I have never felt unsafe driving around you. Admittedly, I point you guys by quite often.

Franklin - I thank you for being an instructor with M Club and I know that you have a lot of track experience. However, even you admit it was a bit ironic that one of the instructors spun out on the parade lap while supposedly checking his cell phone. And then having folks get out of the car to help. Being the parade lap, it probably wasn't as unsafe as in normal track conditions.

I think one point that we can improve on for the M Club is providing some classroom instruction for the novice drivers. We usually have a shortage of instructors, and many of the new folks (even those in intermediate group) would benefit from simple track basics (straight line braking, smooth inputs, proper point bys, checking mirrors, etc.)

I enjoy driving with my M Club friends and also with my PDS friends, many of which are the same. I say we shut down the back and forth on the internet for now. Look each other in the eye next time we meet, get our issues out face to face, shake hands, and drive safe.