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Originally Posted by bnombe View Post
I have a feeling you are sleeping in your M3 tonight. I know you WON'T ever eat in it though

So... know anyone to carry this thread on now awaiting his/her M3 into Canada?
No, that's right. Nooooooooooooooooooobody can eat... even 5 feet near my car! Lol, it's ridiculous how paranoid I've become.

I asked them not to detail the interior of my car (because I'm fussy and my 335i looks worse after they clean it than before!) It was in large part to protect the fragile piano black trim so I could put some Zaino sealant on it. But they 'wiped' it down anyways, because they thought I'd at least want that. And now, there's this scratch on my piano black trim - aaahhh!

Originally Posted by NoM3ForMe View Post
I have been a member on the boards since 2008, and an M3 fanboy since 1998
Oh, I didn't realize you've been here for that long. I salute your self-discipline! Something tells me though you'll be getting an M later.
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