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Franklin Joseph

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Lets get some support...hmm
I spoke to a few folks who complained about you being overly aggressive on track, and making them uncomfortable. (hounding their bumper going deep into the brake zone). This is fine in racing or tracking with friends, but not at track day with new folks.

Talking about drama - so why dont you back that statement up? just becuase they get outta the car in the parade lap, they shouldnt be instructors? Do you even know our full track experience? or you just like running your mouth? It was stupid of me to get out, but it was the parade lap and i wanted to get the event rolling quickly.

"had two get out of the car on the track on Satuday at Houston MSR. IMO, you shouldn't be an instructor if you're doing that"

end of my rant....

Franklin (havent had an off in years and shouldnt be an instructor)