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Originally Posted by DaveDee View Post
One of Brisbane's best Detailiers (Dulvari Prestige) is coming to track day tomorrow as a photographer,Ill ask him if he has contacts in Melbourne and get baclk to you
Thanks buddy. Hope you're tearing it up!

Originally Posted by TWD View Post
Sounds good!

Unfortunately I have a 360 CS for the Ferrari Concourse in September and a few other cars that been booked for months in advance. Sydney is pretty busy as it is!

Maybe I should set up a trip end of the year? PM me if interested (if you can wait that long!!)

In the mean time, check out:

Damian @ Final Inspection
Mario @ EuroGloss Prestige
Thanks mate wil check em out.
Is it a good idea to go through a full detail for a car that is so young? I've heard too much polishing is bad as it will remove percentages of clear coat etc. Pardon my ignorance.
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