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Careers and job hopping

Being that this is one of the only forums I belong to, and because BMW owners ought to have some good experience on the topic, please lend some advice!

I've been working for almost 3 years for my company though only ~8 months full time. I am making a good salary as a software developer but feel I am worth more. I interviewed at another company and it went very well. They should be offering me an 11-18% increase over my current salary based on my stated requirements. This will likely happen tomorrow, in-person.

I am certain my current company will counter, so here are my questions:

-Is it reasonable to ask for more than an equal counter? Starting a second real job and getting out of my current job is worth some extra to me. How would you approach with your boss?

-I know it is fine to say "I need a day to think it over", but I know the recruiter will be up my arse about deciding. Is there anything polite I can say to buy a day to negotiate with my current place? Would it be bad to let them know I want to see what my company does before deciding?

Any advice or similar experience is appreciated! The situation is exciting but stressful and I could use help from people who have done this stuff before.

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