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Originally Posted by beemerman1984 View Post
It is not the only DY e90. Niello BMW in Sacramento CA had one, gorgeous car, but it was DY from the factory.
BMWNA in fact stated to myself along with 3 other BMW dealerships in NorCal and SoCal that in fact this is the ONLY DY E90 to be produced in the US.

Originally Posted by edwinm3 View Post
Not the only E90 DY
As I mentioned above YES it is,it does not matter to me if it is or is not Im just telling you what all the dealers told me.

Originally Posted by GChase View Post
I think I'm the only one who thinks this color looks terrible... Absolute sick car though
I don't think you are solo my friend not everyone will like a certain color.

Originally Posted by Malek@MRF View Post
Love Dakar Yellow II. But as I said before, not the only DKII E90 M3 as being claimed.
I do understand you had a dealer friend the may have had an E90 DY but I have checked with various dealers and they have checked with BMWNA and a DY E90 M3 had never been ordered.

Originally Posted by TTG View Post
A. This car may have been a personal BMW car NOT for sale.
B. This car may be a different shade of yellow, NOT Dakar Yellow.
C. Car may not have been for US.
Originally Posted by zsapphire7 View Post
is that a CF roof in the latter pics??
Yes full CF roof.

Originally Posted by vzmartinii View Post
Lol some of you focus on the smaller things! So what If there is another e90 DY or not, in fact if there is cool & props to them it's a great color! I'm sure powerbeast is not trying to compete with who's claims to have one or not.

Great car SC looks badass!!!
Thank you for seeing the big picture! I too don't care if there is or is not I was merrily sharing information that I received from BMW stating it was the only one.

Originally Posted by Ky1M View Post
Powerbeast has it going on and on!!
Let's see
1 and now a 3 can you say Yellow 5
I bet you can!! keep up the great work I love MMMM
I was actually thinking DY F10 M5, I love my E90 too much

Originally Posted by BenTrovato View Post
The DY looks fantastic! I definitely like the stock rims and ride height much much more than the new wheels and drop though.

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