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The thing is, prices here are way up, there's no Lambo dealer in Central America, and maybe a bit too much at 32, my M3 was $120,000, the 991C2S was $173,000 with some options I added, the Audi V10 is above $230,000, and I don't have that much to spend on one car, I'm a big fan of Porsche, but all I have owned are BMW's, I just had to have a 911 and it seemed the 991 hit it right on the nail, it really was a joy to test drive it, I really pushed it hard, I was really cross shopping between the 991 and new M6, after a track day with the M6 held by BMW, I really didn't like it, or it was just not love at first sight, the moment I saw the 991 I was blown away, the M6 didn't do it for me, I know some might not like it, but I just love it, to be honest with you, I really like the car, I'm not a fanboy of any brand, but this car is really special, maybe when I get married, I'll go with a Panamera Turbo or M5 for the extra space, but untill then, I'm just gonna enjoy the 991, like I did my M3,
thanks guys,
just for the joy of it, I recommend you test drive one, and don't be guided by magazines or videos, just try it out, and be the judge